Advocating for Pets in Huntsville and Walker County, TX

This is intended to be a resource to help those needing the services previously offered by the Rita B. Huff Humane Society of Walker County and Animal Shelter in the role it filled for 30 years as a community animal shelter until a new set of board members took charge in April of 2016 and reduced its mission to functioning as a "no-kill" rescue / animal sanctuary now referring to itself as "RBH Animals" or the "Rita B. Huff Adoption Center" and substantially reduced or eliminated most of the other functions it had been fulfilling and losing much of the prior experienced staff and volunteers. More on that and how the purpose of this website was forced to change with what amounted to an order from their board president at the time can be found HERE and HERE.

Lost and Found animals

If you have lost a pet, do not rely on calling RBH or even just stopping by to find out if they have it. There are multiple documented reports (including our own personal experience) that the staff of RBH is not effectively collecting or maintaining lost or found animal reports. In one documented case, the staff of RBH repeatedly told a family they did not have their dog in their possession when the family had information to the contrary, only for one of the family to finally force her way into the kennels and immediately located their missing dog. In another, someone who came by looking for their missing dog was told that someone had been by earlier to try to drop it off and report it as found, only to be turned away and the staff did not collect the information of the person who was trying to find the owner for them to be reunited. Still post a picture of your lost pet to the RBH Facebook page as many people look there and may have your found pet in their possession, but if you suspect they have it be prepared to overcome reluctance to you looking at their inside kennels yourself. Instead, for Lost or Found animal reports, post and check in these locations:
Lost Pets in Huntsville (Preferred)
Lost and Found Pets of Walker County TX (Low Membership)
Lost or Stolen!! Walker County TX (Low membership, not pet specific)

Rescues and Fosters

Fosters are private individuals who keep animals, typically on behalf of a community shelter, sanctuary, or rescue until they are ready to be adopted out. Rescues tend to be a network of individuals focusing on particular types or breeds. We will be collecting the contact information for such individuals and organizations here as they volunteer to have their information published.

No Kill Sanctuaries / Havens

Animal Sanctuaries and Havens are more formal areas for animals with fixed facilities. The "no-kill" designation is maintained by having a live release rate at or above 90%, so unless an animal becomes ill or is too aggressive to keep, they will not be put down to make room. In Walker County, the following organizations have that mission and occasionally have vacancies for new animals to be taken in, and always welcome those looking to adopt an animal in their care:
Little Woman Home for Animals (established 2001 as a no kill sanctuary)
RBH Animals / Rita B. Huff Adoption Center (converted to a no-kill facility in 2016)

Longer Term Solutions

Our goal is ultimately to emulate the success of the shelter in Waco, which recently earned a no-kill status after achieving a 90% live release rate for a full year without ever closing their doors to animals. This is going to take building a larger and better community animal shelter facility, a low-cost spay and neuter program, and taking action to substantially reduce the number of puppies and kittens in Walker County. Those interested in forming a new coalition to function as a community animal shelter and to handle related tasks are gathering here: ANIMAL ADVOCATES OF WALKER CO. TEXAS

To address questions we have received, queries to the leadership of RBH Animals regarding the funds donated for the purpose of building a new community animal shelter and the other changes have consistently been answered only with variations of "We are a non-profit, privately funded organization. We can make policies for our organization however we see fit.".  Barring meaningful clarification from their leadership, we must presume those funds and resources are unavailable to those wanting to re-establish a functional community animal shelter.